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Welcome - Words by Joy

What story can you tell in just six seconds?

That’s your first challenge in the online world: to attract. Web visitors will give you about six seconds to grab attention before clicking elsewhere. But beyond that initial interest, you need to connect and engage with them in order to keep them.

Your online story must ultimately compel people to trust you. That’s where I come in. As a B2B copywriter, I can help you discover your unique story, tell it well, and keep your customers coming back for more

Why you should use a professional writer

  • To save time. No hand-holding. No surprises. And no more struggling to craft content you’d rather not write or don’t have time to do well.
  • To save money. Unlike an employee, you hire me only when you need me. Teach me once about your business and I can write for you in many capacities (just take a look at my samples).
  • To see results. Define an audience and an objective and I can create content that informs, persuades, entertains, or supports. Benefit from my broad experience with clients both large and small in diverse industries.

How I’m different

I excel at writing concisely and translating techno-talk into simple language. But my value lies in what I can do besides writing, such as:

  • Taking the time to understand your goals, customers, competitors, and challenges.
  • Learning what makes you unique and the benefits you offer.
  • Seeing the big picture and finding the story you may not know you have.

Call today and let’s get the conversation started.


Words By Joy specializes in B2B content development for businesses in high-tech, educational, and medical markets.