About Us: Where Your Story Shines

What do you do?

This is the first question web visitors ask. But when they dig deeper, their next question is: Who are you?

Most About Us pages describe company histories and executive bios. Yet most of them are long on facts and short on motivation. And motivation matters because it connects and builds trust, two key challenges in any business.

It’s no secret that businesses are motivated to make money. But if your website doesn’t give the backstory about how and why you started the business – and inject a bit of personality – you’re missing an opportunity to gain credibility and interest.

Adding photos to the About Us page certainly helps, especially if they’re done professionally and capture the essence of a company or person. But including a “why” statement is critical. Too often, sites rely on mission statements to inform visitors of their ethics. While mission statements are okay, they typically describe standards, not motivation.

Make It Sparkle!

There is no set formula for writing an About Us page, but here are a few tips:

  • Be clear. Everyone hates jargon and industry double-speak. Write your story as if you were telling it to your grandmother. If you can’t explain it to her, you have some thinking to do.
  • Tell the truth. Don’t write what you think people want to hear. Write what is. Your visitors will find it refreshing to read what you’re about rather than what you want to project.
  • Add credibility. Credentials are trust-builders, but they can be boring. Spice them up with images, links, and creative formatting.
  • Let your customers tell your story. When possible, use case studies and testimonials to get your message across.
  • Try it out. Run your copy by a few trusted friends. Then ask them to explain your story back to you. You’ll notice the places where you need to tighten up your language.
  • Consider a short video. Plenty of visitors would rather watch a 90-second video than read anything.
  • Edit, let it sit, and edit again. Don’t cut corners here. All writing can benefit from time. Ignore your first draft for a few days and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Can’t figure out how to tell your story? Check out a few samples:

  • Words By Joy. On my site, I give insight into my background, personality, and process in helping clients.
  • Bentley. This copy leaves no doubt about the Bentley brand and seduces visitors into becoming customers.
  • Eight Hour Day. This site tells its story so you believe what they’re saying – and you believe in them.
  • Ditto. In less than two minutes, this video inspires confidence in the firm and connects on a personal level.

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