Why Your Business Story Matters

I hear a couple questions time and again. First, does anyone really want to know your story? Yes! Understanding your business story is one of the ways others can come to know your motivations and commitments, long before they decide to become customers.

Second, isn’t a story just a timeline of events? No! A story is much more than a history. When told correctly, it defines who you are as well as what you have done.

Telling a StoryThink about how we teach children. Our earliest interactions begin with stories, often sung as songs. Telling stories over and over reveals a picture that slowly defines history, culture and values.

A good business story is no different. Too often, businesses present themselves as entities rather than groups of people. Choosing to stay remote is one of the surest ways to alienate those you want to serve.

When you write your business story, ask yourself:

  • Does the story resonate? The story you choose to tell will either strike a chord with readers—or not. Think of how you would tell your story to a person, not to the “cloudy” world of digital technology.
  • Is the story honest? Rather than writing to impress, work to connect. People respond to stories they can believe and understand. Honesty does not mean telling every gritty detail. It does mean you choose to acknowledge and share what you’re about.
  • Does the story communicate? This is where facility with language makes a big difference. Your story can be compelling, but if the words used to tell it aren’t equally compelling, the message will be lost. Writing, rewriting, and editing are where the hard work of perfecting a story takes place.

By telling your business story well, you can begin to connect with clients and differentiate your company from competitors. By telling a consistent and truthful story, you build trust and loyalty—and earn customers for the long haul.

Need help telling your unique story?  Contact Joy Underhill at joy@nullwordsbyjoy.com, 585-742-1388.


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