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Testimonials - Words by Joy
"Her work is top-notch!"
Joy is able to take a project, understand it quickly, make sense of the parts, put it together and deliver top quality work ready to use. She is always on time, on budget and the work is top notch. Joy also adds significant value with her view of how things can be done in a practical and creative sense. She understands how to build content that is usable, interesting and just plain works for the target audience.
– Bob Freese, Learning & Training Architect
"Valuable collaborator!"
Joy is extremely knowledgeable with a good sense of what matters to readers. Her writing style blends a sense of authority with a conversational feel, which can be a difficult balance to achieve — but she makes it seem easy. Her knowledge and research ability has led her to suggest better angles to stories than we’ve assigned, which makes her a valuable collaborator on projects, not just a “hired gun.”
– Mark Liu, Editor, Rochester Magazine and Canandaigua Magazine
"Organized, thorough, and punctual!"
Joy and I worked together on several projects, including a series of books for Macmillan. She’s very organized, thorough, and punctual – and pleasant to work with. Because of Joy’s extensive experience and talent, she can match her writing style to any assignment. Whether you require a concise technical manual or a creative marketing piece, Joy’s writing can meet your needs.
– Vera Sytch, Professional Writer and Photographer
"Easy to work with!"
I have teamed up with Joy Underhill for many creative projects in the past few years. She is easy to work with, and understands the project quickly… developing a style of writing that fits the project or brand perfectly. I recommend Joy highly for any writing projects you may have.
– Cindy Harris, President, Creative Director, Harris Studios Inc.
"A flair for story-telling!"
I’ve worked with Joy for more than two decades and admire her as one of the best writers I know. She’s professional, reliable, and needs no hand-holding. One of her strongest qualities is the ability to write in many different genres, from technical writing to marketing communications and video. Joy has a flair for story-telling and translating complex concepts and jargon into simple English, both traits I try to emulate in my own writing.
– Nita Beck, Technical Communications Strategist
"Honesty and consistency!"
Joy has been supporting our small business copywriting and editing needs for several years now. She has successfully completed numerous projects, from initial concept through delivery, on-time and within the budget that she specified.

We’ve given Joy some pretty challenging criteria to work with, even sending her on assignment to our customers on several occasions to conduct interviews and develop case studies. Needless to say, she is very trustworthy and she comes through with flying colors every time.

I appreciate most her honesty and consistency. Her writing style is superb and engaging. She has a unique ability with a turn-of-phrase even when the source material she’s given to work with is challenging or somewhat technical. As her profile indicates, Joy is a skilled writer in numerous forms who has mastered the art of communication.

Joy has worked with organizations of all sizes and types but it’s her sensitivity to the needs of small businesses that I appreciate most. She is extremely easy to work with and she has a keen intellect and creative mind. As a book publisher friend of mine reminded me, “Words count. The right words count double!” Consider yourself fortunate if you have found your way to Joy Underhill. You are in very good hands!
– Charles (Chaz) Broersma, Founder & CEO, Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution

"Quick to understand project requirements!"
Joy is a wonder with words. She can write anything with clarity and brevity. Joy is my first choice when I need to hire a wordsmith to create simple explanations of complex systems. She’s fast, reliable, and quick to understand project requirements. I’m looking forward to adding her book “Five Steps to MadCap Flare” to my help authoring library.
– Ginny Reynolds, Quality Assurance Engineer & Technical Writer
"A joy to work with!"
I have used Joy on several projects and I am always amazed as to how quickly she fully understands the task at hand and is able to convert that knowledge in language that the reader will understand. She is a “joy” to work with.
– Harvey Jacobson, President, California Financial Partners, Inc.
"Artist of the written word!"
I have known Joy years and we have worked on projects together many times. I consider her to be an artist of the written word — using words with efficiency, clarity, and eloquence. She writes as people speak, so it’s easy for readers to understand what she is writing about. Plus, she can look at a subject, understand the needs of her reader, and determine exactly what to write and how to structure the information in a way that makes the most sense for the reader. She is a very talented writer!
– Lorraine Kupka, President, NorthCoast Writers, Inc., Author of Five Steps to MadCap Flare
"True professional!"
Joy is a true professional with outstanding writing abilities. She excels at understanding client needs and proposing creative solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Joy is someone that we have worked with over many years because of the quality of her work.
– Geoff Barrow, CEO, Gillespie Associates
"100% what I was looking for!"
I hired Joy for a small writing contract. I’m certainly not her biggest customer but that’s not how she made me feel. She was quick to turn around my project and the first cut was 100% what I was looking for. I will use Joy’s services without hesitation for future engagements, counseling and project work.
– Curt Brantl, AVP Process Improvement, Healthfirst
"Solid writing skills!"
Joy has solid writing skills and the creativity to make her ideas come alive on the page. She is a thoroughly professional person and an asset for any publication.
– Mark Stash, Editor, Life in the Finger Lakes magazine
"Pleasure to work with!"
Joy has been a pleasure to work with as a fellow freelancer. She’s professional, smart and knows her stuff. Her writing is clear, easy to read and has a lightness to its tone that you don’t often find.
– Joanna Bartlett, President, Alight Communications
"Valuable asset!"
Joy was a “joy” to work with. During the course of our project (Happy Tails) she was creative, fun, organized, on schedule and flexible. She was a valuable asset to the success of the book.
– Genevieve Frederick, Nonprofit Founder/Director
"Intelligent, easy to work with and my clients love her!"
The first time I worked with Joy, we collaborated on a capability brochure for her dentist. Her copy for his brochure was so impressive, he became my dentist. I love how she can take a complex concept and make it simple for the rest of us to comprehend. Joy is intelligent, easy to work with and my clients love her.
– Mary Anne Brugnoni, Kitchen/Bath Designer, the Morton Group
"Delivers on deadline!"
Joy Underhill has written many articles for PTO Today magazine and ptotoday.com. She consistently writes strong stories, carries out assignments well, and delivers on deadline. Joy is easy to work with and takes direction well. It’s a pleasure to recommend her.
– Craig Bystrynski, VP–Content at School Family Media
"Work is excellent!"
Joy has been writing alumni profiles for Simon Business magazine since 2005, and her work is excellent. She interviews Simon alumni, writes and edits the profiles based on their input and feedback, seeks and obtains final approval from them and often, their company PR directors–always on time, meeting all deadlines. Joy brings life to the profiles that she writes, and they are a wonderful addition to our alumni magazine. I highly recommend her.
– Charla Kucko, Director of Marketing & Communications at Simon Business School, University of Rochester
"Highly customer focused!"
I worked with Joy on a writing project. I found Joy to be highly customer focused and very quality conscious. Joy has a keen sense of perception for the salient issues at stake and makes it sound eloquent but matter-of-fact. Her writing skills are inspiring and incisive. I look forward to working with her on such projects again in the near future.
– Dilip Sundaram, Senior Vice President & Country Director, Mahindra Korea
"Unfailingly professional and effective!"
Joy worked with me on a project on a large training project with aggressive deadlines and under challenging circumstances, and she was unfailingly professional and effective– as always. I had worked with her previously, and would love to work with her again. I never had to worry about her commitment and effectiveness.
– James Revell, Instructional Designer, M&T Bank