All the ways to tell your story

All the ways to tell your story

I preach the importance of telling your story, but what exactly do I mean by your story? Quite simply, it’s an accumulation of things you put out that, like a mosaic, begin to take a distinct, unique shape.

Last summer, I had the chance to visit the Basilica Cathedral in St. Louis. Little did I know that I would witness the largest collection of mosaics in the Western Hemisphere. The mosaics contain more than 4 million pieces of glass and represent the incredible work of a single family over the span of 80 years.

Now you don’t need 4 million pieces to tell your story, but you get the idea. Each piece individually doesn’t look like much. Put them together, and piece by piece, the result can be stunning.

Here’s a quick breakdown of several ways online that you can tell your story:
• About page copy
• Home page copy
• Case studies
• White papers
• Testimonials
• Blogs
• Social media posts
• Emails
• Newsletters
• Promotions/freebies
• Surveys
• Articles
• PR/events
• Handbooks
• Workshops/webinars
• Support

And the list goes on. Above all, understanding the story you need to tell up front will drive good decisions in all these area.

So before you go too far in crafting your image online, take the necessary time to sort out the story you need to tell. It will make all the other items easier to create – and you’ll end up with a thing of beauty rather than a ragtag collection of broken glass.

How do you pull together the pieces of your story? Share your ideas in the Comments box!

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